Catalina Events

Once you make a long-term commitment to life on Catalina by purchasing a home or business, the island experience blossoms, showcasing layers of experience not available to the casual visitor. A key element to that experience is the opportunity to be a part of Santa Catalina Island throughout the year.

Whether your potential purchase will make you a full or part time resident or just a very frequent visitor, Catalina Island’s great weather and proximity to the Southern California mainland are just part of what makes this destination such a compelling investment. Offering much more than just an occasional weekend getaway, the Catalina Island calendar of events offers something for everyone throughout the year.

Catalina Island special events run the gamut from quaint small town festivals celebrating the changing seasons to world-class extravaganzas that attract participants and audience members from around the world. Catalina festivals include the Catalina Festival of the Arts and Catalina JazzTrax, both of which have established their presence on the Catalina Island events calendar over several decades. It also includes newer events like the Catalina Film Festival and the Holiday Symphony Concert.

Whatever your interests, special events on Catalina Island provide an opportunity to celebrate your pastimes and develop new ones. As a participant, volunteer or sponsor, these events are part of the fabric of Catalina Island life, allowing home and business owners to discover the magic of this enchanted island.

Catalina Island special events include:
Festivals: Like its visitors, Catalina Island residents enjoy the array of festivals that take place on the island. Music and art, film and wine are all represented in the festival calendar and new events are frequently added to the established Catalina festivals.

Holidays: Throughout the year, Catalina takes every opportunity to celebrate. Christmas events include holiday home tours and open houses, concerts and a tree-lighting ceremony. New Years Eve and its associated revelry is an island tradition from one end of the island to the other. Santa Catalina on Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween is something special, but the island’s favorite holiday is Fourth of July, which it celebrates with a golf cart parade, party and fireworks.

Athletic events: Santa Catalina has become world renowned for its endurance events. A triathlon, marathons and 10K dot the calendar and a 50-mile run brings world-class athletes to the island. Additional athletic events attract skateboarders and mountain bikers. Avalon High School’s sports program, which includes football, basketball and baseball, invites spectators at home games and supporters throughout the year.

City sponsored events: The City of Avalon, Catalina Island’s only municipality, sponsors many local events, including Springfest and Fallfest. The city’s recreation department also organizes athletic leagues, dance lessons for children and much more.