Catalina Life

Living on Catalina Island is an adventure that attracts families and individuals from all walks of life. Stepping away from the Southern California mainland and escaping the mayhem of big city living is a dream that is becoming increasingly achievable. Working on Catalina Island, telecommuting and, of course, retiring from a career all provide routes to the reality of living in Avalon, CA.

Everyday living in Avalon provides a relaxed pace found nowhere else on earth. Long commutes to work, traffic and smog are non-existent on Catalina Island and the small-town charm of Avalon imbues daily life here. Most residents are able to walk nearly everywhere and golf carts are the primary means of motorized transportation. Outdoor activities and adventures abound, making living on Catalina a perfect option for adventure seekers. Artists, writers and other creative individuals also find inspiration by living in Avalon, where the fascinating history, picturesque waterfront and relaxed pace of life provide a muse to creativity. No matter what draws you to Catalina, living here part time or full time is an experience beyond compare.

Once you make the plunge to full-time living on Catalina Island, the realities of day-to-day island life are both familiar and unexpected. There is no general mail delivery on the island, so a trip to the post office is a near-daily experience. Avalon has its own grocery store and residents supplement trips to the mainland with internet shopping. Both FedEx and UPS deliver to the island, so while the ocean isolates island residents from the hassles of mainland living, that isolation is far from absolute. Santa Catalina has its own churches, school and hospital, making living on Catalina Island accessible for families with children, young couples, active individuals and seniors.

Renting a Catalina Island home is an option for many, however buying a Catalina home is the ideal route to living in Avalon. Avalon realty presents a wealth of opportunities as well as potential obstacles. Catalina Island prices are comparable to real estate in other Southern California beach cities; however the Catalina Island real estate market is a specialized environment that our Catalina Island Real Estate Realtors excel at navigating. Whether you are looking at a full-time move to Catalina Island, a part-time Avalon home or a unique business opportunity, the agents at Catalina Island Real Estate can help you locate the perfect Avalon home and maximize your Catalina real estate investment.

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